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Smedegaard pumpsSmedegaard has been manufacturing pumps for almost 60 years. Over this period the company has grown much larger with manufacturing operations in the UK and Switzerland and representation in 28 different countries, spread over five continents. Smedegaard Products include The EV range of glandless pumps Witch also includes the Isobar and Isodrive range. The Omega and T range of inline fixed speed circulation pumps and the Omegadrive inverter drive inline pumps. Smedegaard also manufacture a range of booster sets and pressurisation units.

The Smedegaard story began in 1942 when Tage Smedegaard and his partner, who had successfully started a business together manufacturing fire fighting equipment, decided to split and go their separate ways.

In 1949, whilst developing the pump division, Tage Smedegaard made contact with a Swedish company called Pump Industries. This company was connected to a Swiss company who had designed and produced a glandless circulator called “Perfecta”. He became very interested in this pump and wanted to manufacture and market the product in Denmark.

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