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PUK 1LEV Pressurisation unit.

Quick Overview

PUK1EV Single pump wall mounted pressurisation unit with 3.4 Bar filling pump with electronic controls.
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Please ensure you are ordering the correct pump/phase as restocking charges may apply.
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Cabinet Overall Dimensions  382* (width) x 600 (height) x 280 (depth)*-Allow additional 35mm width for connections.

1EV - 21 kg (empty) 29 kg (full)   
2EV - 27 kg (empty) 35 kg (full)

     Inlet  ½” BSP (Male) 
     Overflow 28mm compression 
     Outlet  15mm compression 
     Mains  3-core cable (0.75mm)  
     0.5m flying lead via M20 cable gland

Operating Pressure Range - 0.7 - 3.0 bar

Maximum Flow Rate - 6 litres/min

Tank Capacity (actual)  - 7.6 litres

     Electronic Module (see below) 
     Isolating Valve (between tank and pump) 
     Non-return valve 
     Corrosion resistant brass/copper/plastic pipework

Electronic Module Features    
     Pump Cycle Count 
     Pump Hours run 
     Volume of Water Introduced (with Alarm) 
     Water Tank Low Level cut out 
     Pump Duty run 
     Pump Failure Detection 
     High and Low Pressure, and General Alarm volt free  

     IZ coated steel, 0.9mm/1.2mm 
     Powder coated – white/grey 
     Suitable for wall-mounting (bracket included)

Pump Details

Maximum Pressure - 3.4 bar (@ 0.1 l/min flow)

Electrical - 230v 50/60Hz 2.8A run current 
                9A start current

Product Attachments

View FilePUK1 Datasheet    Size: (170.76 KB)