10m MT Square Type Float Switch with Counter Weight

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This 10m MT Float switch can be used to operate submersible pumps or give low water alarms in break tanks. The switch only makes a circuit when it is in the up position.

See below for functions and technical data.

Submersible float switch for pump applications (non sewage). Contact connection to give closed contacts when in the up position. Used for a switch on submersible pumps and as low water cut out float on booster pumps.

Technical Features

  • 20A resistive load - 8A motor load (max absorption with 20m of cable: 10A)
  • Wire Guage: 8.8mm
  • Operating temp with H07 RN-F 3G1 cable: -15°C to +60°C
  • Max depth: 10m
  • Protection grade: IP68 

Terminal Connections

Please follow the figures of the terminal connections 

The upstream circuit must protect the electric wires from the overcurrent.

WARNING: lack of protection shall null and void the warranty in the event the float breaks.

  • Mod.01: single function - only emptying or only filling (fig.1). The grounding wire is always yellow and green
  • Mod.02 - Mod.03: double function (the fitter can choose emptying or filling when installing)
    Emptying: (fig.2) When black and brown wires are used, the circuit opens when the float is down and closes when the float is up. Note: the blue/grey wire must be insulated.
    Filling: (fig.3) when the black and blue/grey wires are used, the circuit closes when the float is down and opens when the float is up.. Note: the brown wire must be insulated. 


  • Before any operation on the float, remember to disconnect the power supply from the main power
  • Check that the max. motor power does not exceed the float's electrical values
  • The electrical cable is part of the floating, thus in case of cable damage, the float itself has to be replaced.
  • No joints should be made on the float switch cable, as immersion joints could cause short circuits of electrical shocks.
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IP RatingIP68