3 Ways to Find the Right Water Pump

We are always happy to help you find the right pump but it helps to be prepared when you email or ring the office. Here are a few pointers to help you prepare and make the process go as quickly and smoothly as possible:

Find an Exact Replacement or a Suitable Alternative

If you know what you have and would like an exact replacement, then the best way is to provide us with a picture of the name plate. This will usually tell us everything we need to know. We will then search our stock and suppliers to find that exact pump or the best replacement/alternative available.

When taking the name plate image there are a few points to check:

• Name plates are often metallic and reflect light in strange ways. To combat this try turning your flash off to get the best picture.
• Mobile phones aren't great in low light conditions so be sure to hold the phone steady for a couple of seconds after taking the photo, it may take longer than the camera sound indicates.
• If you have reflections in your image this can obstruct the text so a couple of images from varying angles might be easier than trying to remove them.
• We cannot accept images via email totalling larger than 2mb so please re-size them or send using a service like WeTransfer.com or send them separately.

If you don’t have a picture of the nameplate – then we will need the model name numbers or as many details from it as possible to quote you the right replacement.

A good example of a nameplate image:
Example Nameplate Photo

Receive a Quote by Specifications

If it is not a replacement unit or it’s a new application are not possible then we can quote based on a list of specifications. Depending on what type of pump you have, a good starting point is this:

• Type of pump i.e. circulator, submersible, end suction
• Type of fluid being pumped
• Power you have on site - Single, three-phase
• Voltage i.e. 230/110/400
• Material being pumped
• Temperature of water being pumped
• Maximum Head/Flow rates

Please bear in mind, this is the minimum information we need, and we will ask further questions depending on the type of pump you require. Sometimes we can work around any missing information but as much data as possible will speed up the process greatly.

For more information on the info we require for each type of pump, please see below:

Booster Set Selection

Circulator Quotations

Pressurisation Unit Selections

Pumping Station Selection

Submersible Pump Selections

Ask for an Engineer Assessment Custom Quote

Occasionally a system might fall out of the scope of the above or it may be too complex. On these occasions we could send an engineer to site.*

For example:
• If you are replacing multiple pumps systems of large value
• You have asked us to carry out the installation
• The booster set or pumping station is very old and unrecognisable (after you’ve exhausted all the above options)

* Depending on complexity this could incur charges for the time involved. We are unable to offer this site survey to domestic customers.