Booster Set Motor & Inverter Upgrade

We were contacted by one of our customers as their current cold-water booster set had a failed motor and inverter. The problem was the controls on the set were obsolete and the replacements will not communicate with the other controllers

A Brief Outline of Motor Rewinds

One of the most common faults with pumps are the electric motors that drive them burn out.

If an electric motor burns out the solution for the repair would be a replacement motor as this would be the most effective and quickest way. However, some old motors have special shafts...

New booster sets added to our PUK-Vari range!

After much thought and feedback from you, our amazing customers, we decided it was time to add a few more options to our PUK-Vari range of variable speed cold water boosters! We have added two new models to the Variboost and two new models to the Vari-Twin ranges.

Selecting The Correct Pressurisation Unit

In this article, I will outline what a pressurisation unit is just to ensure we are all on the same page and then I will go on to explain some points to follow when selecting a suitable one for your requirements.

Operation and mechanics of a float switch

A float switch is mainly used to control the operation of submersible pumps. They can also be used as a protection device for booster sets, being installed inside a break tank as a low level protection switch.

Tips for servicing a fixed speed booster set

A fixed speed booster set is normally supplied with one to three pumps, but can be built with more if required. The pumps themselves will cut in at a pressure greater than the static head of the building and run at full speed to the pumps closed valve pressure and then cut out.