ABS Robusta 200TS W03*10 (110v)

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Single phase automatic plastic submersible pump with built in float control. This pump is ideal for cellar drainage and other drainage applications. With 10m Cable. Comes fitted with a European plug.

The ABS Robusta 200TS W03*10 (110V) has been designed for pumping clear and wastewater from house, garden or yard, and is supplied with built-in level control and checkvalve. The Robusta's pump and motor section form a pressure-tight encapsulated unit, with motor housing constructed from corrosion resistant material. The outer jacket and impeller are made of durable plastics. The unique hand /auto switch makes the pump suitable for manual or automatic operation.

  • Fitted with an automatic level control. 
  • For transportable applications, the Hand-Auto switch can be changed to continuous operation.
  • For transportable applications the hose nozzle, designed for two standard hose sizes, is ready for direct hose connection
  • Ready for immediate use. 
  • Comes fitted with an EU Plug
  • For emptying flooded cellars, for draining pits, sumps and for pumping rain water
  • The checkvalve built into the discharge blocks return-flow from the discharge line when the pump is switched off
  • Suitable even for small sumps (from 300 x 300 mm)
  • Checkvalve included
  • Noise Levels: The manufacturer guarantees that a new pump will not emit airborne noise in excess 70 dB(A) during normal operation, when either fully or partially submerged.