ABS Robusta 300TS - Submersible Pump (1~ 230V)

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  • Manufacturer: ABS
  • Model: Robusta 300TS
  • SKU: 01135131
  • Power: Single phase 230V 1~
  • Discharge connection (internal thread): G 1 1/4"
  • Discharge Hose Adaptor: 3/4" Hose, R 3/4" Thread, 1" Hose
  • Non-Return Valve: Flap Type Included
  • Modes: Automatic or Manual (Switchable)
  • Solids size (mm): 10mm
  • Motor power * (kW): P1 = 0.50kw
  • Rated Current (A): 2.2
  • Cable length ** (m): 10
  • Weight (kg): 4.4
  • Auto-switching (mm): On = 165 | Off = 75
  • Built-in check valve
  • Automatic version

FREE DELIVERY on the ABS Robusta 300TS.

The ABS Robusta series has been designed for pumping clear and wastewater from house, garden or yard, and is supplied with built-in level control and checkvalve. The pump and motor section form a pressure-tight encapsulated unit, with motor housing constructed from corrosion resistant material. The outer jacket and impeller are made of durable plastics. The unique hand /auto switch makes the pump suitable for manual or automatic operation. For applications with an aggressive medium we recommend the use of the IP 900.

For mediums containing debris or solids please see the ABS MF range

Pump will automatically starts once submerged in 150mm of water and pump down to 50mm.

  • Discharge outlet G1¼” with built-in checkvalve.
  • Connection chamber with cover and watertight cable inlet and strain relief.
  • Outer jacket and other housing parts made of corrosion
  • Resistant synthetic material. Motor housing is made of coated aluminium.
  • Motor is dynamically balanced with temperature monitor in the stator, which switches off the pump in the case of over heating and switches on automatically after cooling down.
  • Shaft is made of stainless steel.
  • The sealing on the motor side is by means of special lip seals supported by lubricated bearings.
  • The medium being pumped flows around the motor housing for optimum heat dissipation.
  • The medium temperature is 40° C; intermittent usage to 60° C (max. 5 min).
  • Integrated switch for continuous operation in transportable applications. 

For more detailed information on the ABS Robusta please see the datasheet under the downloads TAB.