Air & Dirt Separators

Air & Dirt Separators

Pumps UK Ltd offer a full range of Stainless Steel Air and Dirt separators for Heating and Chilled water systems. The units are installed in the pipework header so that the systems water passes through the separator. The air is forced to the top of the unit and released by the air vent. The dirt drops to the bottom of the unit and can be drained off during maintenance. They are designed to:

  • Automatically remove the air from the system
  • Remove the dirt from the system
  • Increase the efficiency of the system
  • Increase the life cycle of the system

The units come in sizes from 50mm to 250mm to suit the size of the main system pipework. Modern boilers have very low water content, making them vulnerable to accumulated deposits (dirt) causing boiler failure. The main reason for appliance breakdown is this dirty water.

System cleansing and water treatment is now very vital and necessary to the welfare and prolonged existence of the boiler/chiller plant.

  • Cleanvent Air and Dirt Separator Range

    Fabricated Cleanvent
    Air & Dirt

  • Reflex Exviod Air & Dirt Separator Range

    Reflex Exviod
    Air & Dirt

  • Reflex Exdirt Air & Dirt Separator Range

    Reflex Exdirt
    Dirt and Sludge

  • Reflex Extwin Air & Dirt Separator Range

    Reflex Extwin
    Bubble, Dirt & Sludge

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  1. Spirotech SpiroCombi DN300 High-Flow Steel Flange
  2. Spirotech SpiroCombi DN200 High-Flow Steel Flange
  3. Spirotech SpiroCombi DN150 High-Flow Steel Flange
  4. Spirotech SpiroCombi DN125 High-Flow Steel Flange
  5. Spirotech SpiroCombi DN100 High-Flow Steel Flange
  6. Spirotech SpiroCombi DN80 High-Flow Steel Flange
  7. Spirotech SpiroCombi DN65 High-Flow Steel Flange
  8. Spirotech SpiroCombi DN50 High-Flow Steel Flange
  9. Spirotech SpiroCombi DN300 Steel Flange
  10. Spirotech SpiroCombi DN250 Steel Flange
  11. Spirotech SpiroCombi DN200 Steel Flange
  12. Spirotech SpiroCombi DN150 Steel Flange
  13. Spirotech SpiroCombi DN125 Steel Flange
  14. Spirotech SpiroCombi DN100 Steel Flange
  15. Spirotech SpiroCombi DN80 Steel Flange
  16. Spirotech SpiroCombi DN65 Steel Flange
  17. Spirotech SpiroCombi DN50 Steel Flange

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