Pressure & Expansion Vessels

Pressure & Expansion Vessels

Pumps UK LTD can provide WRAS Approved high quality steel expansion tanks and pressure vessels across a range of sizes and manufactures. The vessels are designed for heating and chilled water expansion and as draw down vessels on cold water systems.

Our range includes:

Pressure vessel is a closed container made to hold liquids at a pressure different from that of normal ambient pressure. For use in pressure boosting and boiler systems. The vessels have a membrane or diaphragm that is pressurised by an air charge. The water expands against this void. Normally the vessels air charge is equal to the fill pressure of the system before the boiler is turned on. The vessel will start to take expansion when the water starts to heat up.  If vessel sizing or air charge is is incorrect the system will over expand and lift the safety valve in the system. On booster pump systems the vessel charge should be .2 Bar below the cut in pressure of the pump. If the pressure is not correct the pumps will hunt and cause fluctuation in the system.

For more information on any of the expansion tanks we have to offer please contact the office or fill out our online quotation form.

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    Reflex Vessels

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    Zilmet Vessels

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    Varem Vessels

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  1. Flamco Airfix P DHW Expansion Vessel 3/2.7 (10bar)
  2. Flamco Airfix P DHW Expansion Vessel 2/2.7 (10bar)
  3. Flamco Cubex R 18
  4. Flamco Cubex R 14
  5. Flamco Cubex R 12
  6. Flamco Flexcon P 50L (3Bar)
  7. Flamco Flexcon P 35L (3Bar)
  8. Flamco Flexcon P 25L (3Bar)
  9. Flamco Flexcon P 18L (3Bar)
  10. Reflex Refix DE 1000/740 Blue Pressure Vessel 10bar
  11. Reflex Refix DE 800 Blue Pressure Vessel 10bar
  12. Reflex Refix DE 600 Blue Pressure Vessel 10bar
  13. Reflex Refix DE 500 Blue Pressure Vessel 10bar
  14. Reflex Refix DE 400 Blue Pressure Vessel 10bar
  15. Reflex Refix DE 300 Blue Pressure Vessel 10bar
  16. Reflex Refix DE 200 Blue Pressure Vessel 10bar
  17. Reflex Refix DE 100 Blue Pressure Vessel 10bar
  18. Reflex Refix DE 80 Blue Pressure Vessel 10bar

Items 55-72 of 456

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