DAB FEKA FXV 20.22 TNA - Super Vortex Impeller (3~ 400V)

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  • Manufacturer: DAB
  • Model: FEKA FXV 20.22 TNA*
  • Power Supply: 3x400V
  • P1 Max kW: 2.9
  • P2 Nominal Kw: 2.2
  • P2 Nominal HP: 2.9
  • In A: 5
  • IsA: 35
  • Capacitor: -
  • Rated Speed rpm/min: 2870

Pump with patented super vortex impeller increase performance without compromising the ability to work in the presence of large solids and long fibres, guaranteeing a completely free passage.

Feka FXV is a submersible pump for draining sewage water in commercial building service. It is certified for the European Union standard EN 12050-1 which applies to sewage lifting containing faecal material in buildings and construction sites. Pump suitable for fixed installations with a coupling device or mobile if placed directly on the bottom of the tank. High-performance super vortex impeller with solid handling up to 50 mm or 60 mm. The pump is suitable for liquid with solids and long fibers in suspension. The reduced overall dimensions and the outlet ports both flanged and threaded make it ideal for replacements. Designed for quick maintenance thanks to a constructive solution that provides easy access to the main components of the pump. Automatic versions with power up to 1,5 kW. ATEX version available for use in potentially explosive environments. (ATEX certifications: II2G Ex db k IIB T4 or IEC EX: Ex db IIB T4 Gb).


Pump body and impeller in cast iron. Motor shaft in AISI 304 stainless steel. Double mechanical seal in SiC-SiC/SiC-C in oil chamber not in contact with the pumped liquid, independent of the direction of rotation. Delivery port both flanged and threaded.


Available in single-phase asynchronous motor (MA / MNA versions) and three-phase motor (TNA versions). Rotor mounted on lubricated bearings. Continuous operation in S1 with the motor completely immersed. Dry running for a maximum time of 10 minutes. Over-temperature sensors in the motor windings with intervention threshold at +130°C. Quick-bonded resin-bonded cable gland, 07RN8-F power cable. Single-phase versions with integrated capacitor, available with float for automatic operation (MA) with powers up to 1,5 kW. In the three-phase motors the over-temperature sensor connection is responsibility of the user.

  • Flow rate minimum and maximum: 62.8 m3/h (depending on model, check chart)
  • Head up to: 19.6m (depending on model, check chart)
  • Immersion dept (maximum): 20m
  • Type of pumped liquid: waters with filamentary bodies. paper or textile material in the presence of domestic or civil waste
  • Free passage: 50 mm or 65 mm depending on model
  • Supported liquid temperature (maximum and minimum): + 50°C (+ 60°C for a short period of time)
  • Flanged and threated: from 2". DN50. DN65
  • Impeller type: Vortex
  • Start time (maximum) per hour: 20/h
  • Class of protection: IP 68
  • Motor insulation class: F
  • Single phase power input: 1x 220-240V 50Hz
  • Three phase power input: 3x 400V 50Hz / 3x 230V 50Hz only on request
  • Maximum dry run time: 10 min
  • Power cable (m) and plug: 10 m
  • Possible type of installation: mobile when on the ground. fixed with coupling
  • Certification: EN 12050-1 \ ATEX
  • Special versions on request: different cable lengths. different voltages and frequencies