Jung Pumpen Compli 1010/4 BW E Sewage Station

Quick Overview

  • Compli 1010/4 BW E
  • Product code: JP09273
  • Tank capacity: 115L
  • Inlet height: 250 up to 300mm
  • Free passage: 70mm
  • Clamp type inlet flange: DN150
  • Connecting flange PN 10: DN80
  • For connecting pipe: DN100
  • Ventilation: DN70
  • Weight: 115kg
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The compli 1010/4 BW E disposal unit has been designed for use in detached houses, in several residential units or in commercial buildings. During the design work, special attention was given to easy handling, space-saving erection and uncomplicated installation.


The PE tank has freely accessible drains, a cleaning opening at the top and and a clamp-type inlet flange for an installation. The inlet height can be variegated according to the feeding pipe:

  • DN 100: 180-205 mm (left), 250-300 mm (center) and 290-340 mm (right), each continuously adjustable
  • DN 150/DN 50: 180 mm (left), 275 mm (center) and 315 mm (right)


  • Ready to plug in
  • Submersible
  • Clamp-type inlet flange
  • Versatile connection facilities
  • PE tank
  • Vortex impeller

Electrical Data

  • Voltage: 1/N/PE~230
  • Motor rating: P1 - 1.55kW, P2 1.10kW
  • Type of current: 1 phase
  • Current: 7.1A
  • Cable (tank control): H07RN-F-4 G 1.5
  • Cable (control plug): H05VV-F-3 G 1.5

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