KSB Mini-Compacta US2.100 E

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  • Mini - Small package unit
  • Compacta - Type series
  • US - Single pump lifting unit with cutter
  • 2 - Hydraulics code
  • 100 - Total volume of collecting tank (litres)
  • E - Single phase motor (1~ 230V)
  • Part No - 29131733

The Mini-Compacta US2.100 E from KSB is for the disposal of waste water occurring below the flood level in buildings or parts of buildings. 


Product benefits

  • The control system (LevelControl) ensures safe and reliable operation.
  • Check valve ensures low-noise pump operation and normal, uninterrupted operation during maintenance work.
  • Various positioning options and diameters make it easy to adapt the unit to the most complicated of site conditions.
  • Collecting tank with optimum volume/footprint ratio for effective space utilisation
  • Integrated, ergonomically designed grips for safe handling during transport and installation

Fluids handled

  • Waste water with faeces
  • Faecal-free waste water
  • Grey water


  • Standard design with with cutter impeller (single-pump unit)
  • 50 Hz
  • Standard design with integrated check valve, with free passage of 40 mm
  • Floodable sewage lifting unit 78) to EN 12050-1
  • 2800 rpm
  • Ready-to-connect sewage lifting unit
  • Gas and water-proof plastic collecting tank, pump unit, sensors and control unit
    Impeller end - Mechanical seal
    Drive end - Shaft seal ring
Scope of delivery
  • Gas, odour and water-proof collecting tank made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Fully floodable submersible motor pump
  • Flexible hose connection and hose clips DN 100 (inlet)
  • Flexible hose connection and hose clips (venting)
  • Flexible hose connection and hose clips (hand diaphragm pump)
  • Analog level sensor for pump and alarm buzzer
  • Electronic control unit with integrated alarm and charging circuit, with high-quality rechargeable battery and alarm buzzer


  • Tank - Polyethylene
  • Pump casing - Grey cast iron
  • Impeller -  Grey cast iron
  • Motor shaft - Stainless steel (1.4021)
  • Casing cover - Grey cast iron
  • Float - Polypropylene
  • Screws, bolts and nuts - Stainless steel (A4)