ABS Piranha - Submersible Grinder Pumps

ABS Piranha - Submersible Grinder Pumps

Sulzer ABS Piranha Range

Sulzer’s ABS Piranha range of submersible grinder pumps contain an effective cutting system for use in pressure sewer systems. The Piranha pumps have proven themselves to be one of the market’s best ongoing performers, having excellent total lifecycle costs from initial purchase through ongoing operation.

The Piranha pumps provide a means of effective and economical wastewater transport utilizing small-diameter discharge pipes as opposed to larger diameter pipes required for gravity systems.

The pump comes with shredding system for the easy pumping of sewage in small diameter pipe lines. For domestic, commercial and light industrial applications.

  • ABS Piranha 08
    (Standard 1kw Motor)

  • ABS Piranha 09
    (Standard 2Kw Motor)

  • ABS Piranha S10 - S26
    (High Head Versions)

  • ABS Piranha PE30 - PE110
    (Premium IE3 Motor)

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  1. ABS Sulzer PIRANHA 08/2 D01*10-KS-P
  2. ABS Piranha PIR-08/2 D01*10-P
  3. ABS Piranha PIR-08/2 D01*5-KS-P
  4. ABS Piranha PIR-08/2 W01*10-KS-P
  5. ABS Piranha PIR-08/2 W01*10-P
  6. ABS Piranha PIR-08/2 W01*5-KS-P
  7. ABS Piranha 09/2 D
  8. ABS PIRANHA 09/2 D01*10-P
  9. ABS Sulzer PIRANHA 09/2 W01*10-KS-P
  10. ABS PIRANHA 09/2 W01*10-P
  11. ABS Piranha S10/4 Pumps UK Ltd
  12. ABS Piranha PIR-S12/2 Pump Range
  13. ABS Piranha PIR-S12/2-D01*10-M
  14. ABS Piranha PIR-S12/2-W01*10-KS-XM
  15. ABS Piranha PIR-S12/2-W01-10-M
  16. ABS Piranha S13/4 Pumps UK Ltd
  17. ABS Piranha PIR-S17/2-D01*10-M
  18. ABS Piranha PIR-S17/2-W01*10

Items 1-18 of 26

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