Armstrong Pumps

Armstrong Pumps

Armstrong Pumping Equipment

Pumps UK Ltd are the South East aftermarket partner for the Armstrong range of pumps. This includes the Armstrong legacy products/brands such as Pullen, Holden & Brooke and Baric. We offer new and replacement pumps and spare parts.

Armstrong Fluid Technology produces the most innovative and energy-efficient fluid flow and control equipment for hvac and water-based process application. Throughout its 80 year history, Armstrong has introduced groundbreaking innovations that elevated industry practice and substantially improved the quality and performance of pumping and hvac installations. With over 1000 employees worldwide, operating seven manufacturing facilities on three continents, Armstrong is known today as a guarantor of design quality, long service life, and exceptional operating economy.

Here at Pumps UK we can also offer both on and off site repairs on all types and models of Armstrong Pumps. For Service please contact our service department in Rochester at

If you require spare parts, new pumps or pumping equipment please fill out our online quotation form or give us a call on 01322 292 415.

  • 3750 Range

  • 4300 Pumps

  • 4322 Tango Pumps

  • 4372 Tango Pumps

  • 4380 Pumps

  • 4312 Twin Pumps

  • 4392 Twin Pumps

  • 4302 dualArm Pumps

  • 4382 dualArm Pumps

  • 4300 Pump-in-a-Box

  • 4030 End Suction
    Base Mounted Pumps

  • 4270 & 4270 Stock
    Motor Mounted Pumps

  • 4280 Motor Mounted

  • 4300 Vertical
    In-Line Pumps

  • 4360 Vertical
    In-Line Pumps

  • 4380 Vertical
    In-Line Pumps

  • 4600 Horizontal
    Split-Case Pumps

  • 4700 Vertical
    MultiStage Pumps

  • 6800 Vertical
    MultiStage Boosters

  • 6900 DualPAK

  • Compass H

  • Compass R

  • 4200H
    End Suction

  • 4280
    End Suction

  • Armstrong HEP Optimo Range

    HEP Optimo
    Domestic Circualtors

  • Armstrong Lift Range

    Lift Range
    Condensate Pumps

  • Seal Kits

  • Armstrong Accessories


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