DAB Drenag FX

DAB Drenag FX

DAB Drenag FX Example ImageThe DAB DRENAG FX is a submersible pump for the draining clear water, groundwater or rainwater in commercial building service; the pumps are suitable for applications requiring a high head.

Suitable for fixed installations with coupling device or mobile if placed directly on the bottom of the tank. The reduced dimensions and the outlet connection both flanged and threaded make it ideal for replacements. Designed for fast maintenance thanks to a construction solution that provides easy access to the main components of the pump. Open impeller and anti-wear rubber disc for use even in the presence of abrasive particles. Double mechanical seal in silicon carbide completely protected in an oil chamber and not in contact with the pumped liquid.

Single-phase versions with an integrated capacitor, available with a float for automatic operation (MA) with powers up to 1,5 kW. In the three-phase versions, the protection is the responsibility of the user.

ATEX version is available for use in potentially explosive environments (ATES certifications: II2G Ex db k IIB T4 or IEC EX: Ex db IIB T4 Gb). Call for details.

The pump is certified according to EN 12050-2 wastewater regulation.

Part Number Guide
T = Three Phase
M = Single Phase
A = Automatic Float Control
NA - Not Automatic (Manual) Control

Download the DAB FX Range Brochure (PDF)

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