Ebara Optima Submersible Pumps

Ebara Optima Submersible Pumps

Ebara Optima Pump Range

Ebara Optima are submersible pumps with standard mechanical seal used for draining wells, garages, cellars or places subject to flooding. Handling of seepage water or wastewater, water not containing solids. They are suitable for permanent or portable installations. Impeller, diffuser and motor cover in technopolymer reinforced with fibreglass.

We do not stock the optima range as the Best One Range is more powerful, has a stronger impeller and offers better value!

Ebara Optimo Models and their Best One Equivalents:
(1751101700) Ebara Optima MA 10 m = Best One M
(1751001700) Ebara Optima M 10 m = Best One M
(1752101600) Ebara Optima MS = Best One MS

The -QQV Seal (SiC/SiC/FPM special mechanical seal & NBR lip seal) is not available on the Best One so call for availability of the Optima. If you are ok using Ceramic/Carbon/NBR (mechanical seal) and NBR (lip seal) then the following equivalents will work:

(1751101800) Ebara Optima MA -QQV = Best One MA
(1751001800) Ebara Optima M -QQV = Best One M
(1752101700) Ebara Optima MS -QQV = Best One MS

If you need a -QQV seal then please contact for a quote.

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