Fabricated Products Microvent Air & Dirt Separators

Fabricated Products Microvent Air & Dirt Separators

Fabricated Products MicroventRemove free air and trapped air bubbles quickly and effectively.

Air collects at the highest point within a system, however, a system will often have several high points. Trapped air can obstruct the flow of water at these points or even stop it altogether. If air is not removed it can lead to commissioning problems, frequent manual venting also deteriorating pump performance and boiler efficiency. Eventually, this will cause damage to expensive system components and lead to system and process malfunctions or even total failure.

  • The exceptional valve construction means that the valve closes completely.
  • The unique valve seat has a very long life expectancy.
  • The robust floats are made of solid plastic so cannot rupture.
  • The significant gap between the valve and the water (at least 40 mm) prevents valve contamination which is one of the main causes of leaks.
  • The 1/2" connection prevents the pipette effect.
  • At the base of the MicroVent there is a wire mesh to stop debris from entering the unit.

The combination of the characteristics above ensures that the automatic MicroVent will not leak during its very long life.

The reliable and worry-free solution for:

  • Filling and venting systems.
  • Making and keeping the high points in pipe systems air-free.
  • Preventing air pockets from forming.

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