Fabricated Products EasyTreat QuickStick Chemical Dosing Pot

Fabricated Products EasyTreat QuickStick Chemical Dosing Pot

Fabrictaed Products EasytreatAn innovative and environmentally friendly water treatment solution for Heating & Cooling water systems.

Easier to Install
The time required to install and dose the system is considerably less than conventional dosing pots.

Lower Lifecycle Costs
Due to the unit's resistance to corrosion which limits the degradation in service, downtime is reduced which lowers the cost for inspection, maintenance and repair.

Easier to Use
The EasyTreat solid chemicals can be loaded into the filter basket in one go as they gradually dissolve and circulate around the system. This is unlike conventional dosing pots which need the chemical to be loaded several times.

Reduced Energy Costs
Stainless steel has a smooth surface which results in the unit requiring less energy to pump water around the system. This benefit also results in sludge and dirt being flushed more quickly and easily from the system while using a minimal amount of water.

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