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Pumps UK Ltd is an official elite partner for Holden & Brooke in London and the South East. We can offer replacement pumps and spare parts via our sales office in Dartford, Kent. Please fill out our Online Quotation Form.

We also can repair and service Holden & Brooke pumps on and off-site and also quote to replace old items with pumps and units from the Armstrong range. If you would like us to quote you for servicing please contact www.pumpsukservice.co.uk

Holden and Brooke were founded in 1883 and remained committed to delivering the finest in pumping solutions technology and customer service for over a century.

The company continually invested in development and technology keeping one step ahead of the competition. Focusing on building services, water, wastewater and High-pressure pumping, they become one of the most aforementioned names in the pumping industry.

Holden & Brooke Pullen were purchased by the Armstrong group in 2004. Legacy replacements, seal kits and spares are still available for much of the H&B range. For information on replacing or repairing any H&B equipment please use the form below or contact our office today.

Popular models include; Starbloc, Starnorm, Startwin, Starfix, Pressmatic, Starpak, Microstar, Selkan, Starkan

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