Homa Pumps

Homa Pumps

Homa PumpsHoma began operating in the 1960s as a submersible motor manufacturer, but soon expanded into full pump production a few years later. They have been serving the needs of municipal and industrial wastewater now for over 50 years. Today HOMA remains a privately owned business offering an extensive list of dewatering, effluent and solids handling waste-water pumps. The integrated design and manufacturing capabilities of their pumps is just one of the many reasons the HOMA name today stands for quality, reliability and economy.

HOMA submersible pumps provide excellent hydraulic coverage for reliable, efficient, permanent and portable installations in either wet or dry pit applications. Their pumping ranges can offer standard configurations and specialist metallurgies as well as designs to suit any specific application.

Pumps UK Ltd are one of the primary southern UK distributors for HOMA pumps. Our repair and service department, Pumps UK Service, have considerable experience servicing, installing and maintaining HOMA pumps.

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