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IMP Pumps LogoIMP Pumps produce high efficiency circulating pumps with over 50 years of experience developing and manufacturing pumps.

IMP pumps are produced in IMP's own factory in Slovenija. Many major companies re-brand IMP pumps but IMP is the original source. Thanks to heavy investment IMP's product range has expanded rapidly in recent years and models like the 'NMT MINI PLUS' have class-leading efficiency on top of great value for money.

Here at Pumps UK are an Official Partner supplying IMP pumps across the United Kingdom with a large selection of the range stocked at our Rochester based warehouse.

The models include both flanged/threaded and single/double head designs alongside dedicated SAN models.

Other sizes of IMP pumps are available on request.

  • Single Head

  • Twin Head

  • Hot Water Secondary

  • Accessories


  • SAN

  • NMT Smart C

  • NMTD Smart C

  • NMT Smart SAN C

  • NMT Max C

  • NMTD Max C

  • NMT Smart San C

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  1. IMP NMT MINI PLUS 25/60-130 (1~ 230V)
  2. IMP SAN 25/60-130 (1~ 230V)
  3. IMP NMT SAN PLUS 25/60-130 (1~ 230V)
  4. IMP NMT SAN PLUS 25/90-130 (1~ 230V)
  5. IMP NMT SMART 25/60-180 (1~ 230V)
  6. IMP NMT SMART 25/120-180 (1~ 230V)
  7. IMP NMT SAN SMART C 25/120-180 (1~ 230V)
  8. IMP NMT SAN SMART C 25/100-180 (1~ 230V)
  9. IMP NMT SAN SMART C 25/80-180 (1~ 230V)
  10. IMP NMT SAN SMART C 25/60-180 (1~ 230V)
  11. IMP NMT SAN SMART C 25/40-180 (1~ 230V)
  12. IMP NMT SMART C 25/120-180 (1~ 230V)
  13. IMP NMT SMART C 25/100-180 (1~ 230V)
  14. IMP NMT SMART C 25/80-180 (1~ 230V)
  15. IMP NMT SMART C 25/60-180 (1~ 230V)
  16. IMP NMT SMART C 25/40-180 (1~ 230V)

16 Items

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