MultiCut Sewage Pumps

The UAK08 MultiCut sewage pumps from Jung Pumpen are centrifugal submersible sewage pumps fitted with the MultiCut cutting system are used as stationary appliances for backpressure protection of detached houses. They are suitable for pumping domestic wastewater with the usual additions.

The MultiCut UAK20/2M from Jung Pumpen is a centrifugal submersible sewage pump fitted with the MultiCut cutting system. The UAK 20/2M is used or stationary appliances in pressurised drainage systems for discharge in sparsely populated areas or of detached houses. They are suitable for pumping domestic wastewater.


  • Cutting rotor with stirring effect
  • Plug-in cable connection
  • External adjustable cutting mechanism
  • Controllable oil chamber
  • SiC mechanical seal independent of sense of rotation
  • Moisture-sealed cable inlet
  • Installed motor protection

Operating conditions up to a temperature of the material to be transported of 40° Celsius

  • Submerged motor:
    Continuous operation (S1)
  • Emerged motor:
    Intermittent operation (S3)
  • (e.g. 35% = 3.5 min. operation, 6.5 min. break)

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  1. Jung Pumpen UAK 20/2M MultiCut Sewage System
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  3. Jung Pumpen UAK08/2M

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