Lowara e-HM - Horizontal Multistage pumps

Lowara e-HM - Horizontal Multistage pumps

The NEW Lowara e-HM series is a modern, robust designed pump offering:

  • State-of-the-art hydraulics with best-in class efficiency combined with IE3 motors mean the lowest possible operating costs.
  • Thick sheet metal casing, high-quality bearings and stainless steel guarantees a long service life.
  • High-efficiency hydraulics, motor and thick sheet metal pump body keep the noise level to a minimum.

e-HM..P - With technopolymer impellers

e-HM..S - Stainless steel AISI 304

e-HM..N - Stainless steel AISI 316


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  1. Lowara e-HM Mech Seal Kits
  2. KL01AFQ
  3. KL01AFP
  4. KL01AFN
  5. KL01AFH
  6. KL01AFG
  7. KL01AFF
  8. KL01AFB
  9. KL01AFA
  10. Mech Seal (ceramic/carbon/EP) & o-ring kit 1-3-5HM (compact)
  11. 5HM21S30T5RQBE
  12. 5HM19S30T5RQBE
  13. 5HM17S30T5RQBE
  14. 5HM15S22T5RQBE
  15. 5HM14S22T5RQBE
  16. 5HM13S22T5RVBE
  17. 5HM12S22T5RVBE
  18. 5HM11S15T5RVBE

Items 1-18 of 141

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