Lowara e-SV Vertical Multistage Pumps

The e-SV electric vertical multisatge pumps from Lowara are suited for civil, agricultural, light industry, water treatment, and heating and air conditioning market sectors. 



  • Handling of water, free of suspended solids, in the civil, industrial and agricultural sectors.
  • Pressure boosting and water supply systems.
  • Irrigation systems.
  • Wash systems.
  • Water treatment plants.
  • Handling of moderately aggressive liquids, demineralised water, water and glycol, etc.
  • Circulation of hot and cold water for heating, cooling and conditioning systems.
  • Boiler feed.
  • Pharmaceutical food & beverage industries.

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  1. Lowara e-SV 1SV06N003T
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  4. Lowara e-SV 1SV05N003T
  5. Lowara e-SV 1SV05F003T
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  9. Lowara e-SV 1SV04T003T
  10. Lowara e-SV 1SV03N003T
  11. Lowara e-SV 1SV03F003T
  12. Lowara e-SV 1SV03T003T
  13. Lowara e-SV 1SV02N003T
  14. Lowara e-SV 1SV02F003T
  15. Lowara e-SV 1SV02T003T
  16. 10SV11R040T/D
  17. 10SV11N040T/D
  18. 10SV11F040T/D

Items 1-18 of 254

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