Lowara GHV20/15SV

The GHV20/15SV sets from Lowara are multi pump variable speed water booster sets constructed with multistage vertical pumps. The GHV20 booster sets are suitable for water network supply in apartments,offices, hotels, shopping centres, factories. Also suitable for water supply to agricultural water net works (e.g.irrigation).



  • Water temperature: 0°C to +80°C
  • Pump type: vertical
  • Pump: Stainless steel
  • Manifold: AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Set comes pre-assembled and tested, complete with operating instructions and panel wiring diagram.
  • All sets come complete with 2 x 24Lt vessels
  • Hydrovar® frequency converters mounted on the motor of each electric pump.


  • GHV: Booster set with Hydrovar Frequency Converter
  • 20: 2 pumps
  • 15SVXXFXXXT: Electric pump used
  • UK: United Kingdom market
  • WR: WRAS approved product

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  1. Lowara GHV20/15SV09F075T/UK/WR
  2. Lowara GHV20/15SV08F075T/UK/WR
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  4. Lowara GHV20/15SV06F055T/UK/WR
  5. Lowara GHV20/15SV05F040T/UK/WR
  6. Lowara GHV20/15SV04F040T/UK/WR
  7. Lowara GHV20/15SV03F030T/UK/WR
  8. Lowara GHV20/15SV02F022T/T/UK/WR
  9. Lowara GHV20/15SV02F022T/M/UK/WR

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