Lowara NSCE

The NSCE range is part of the e-NSC series from Lowara and they have been redesigned and improved to meet the Commercial Building Services (CBS) requirements, in terms of performances and energy saving. The NSCE ranges have an extended shaft which is close-coupled by means of an adaptor bracket with an impeller keyed directly to the special motor shaft extension.


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  1. NSCS 65-250/450/W25VCC4
  2. NSCS 65-250/370/W25VCC4
  3. NSCS 65-250/300/W25VCC4
  4. NSCS 65-250/220/P25VCC4
  5. NSCS 65-200/300/W25VCC4
  6. Lowara NSCE 65-200/220/P25VCC4
  7. Lowara NSCE 65-200/185/P25VCC4
  8. Lowara NSCE 65-200/150/P25VCC4
  9. Lowara NSCE 65-200/110/P25VCC4
  10. Lowara NSCE 65-160/185/P25VCC4
  11. Lowara NSCE 65-160/150/P25VCC4
  12. Lowara NSCE 65-160/110/P25VCC4
  13. Lowara NSCE 65-160/92/P25VCC4
  14. Lowara NSCE 65-160/75/P25VCC4
  15. Lowara NSCE 65-125/110/P25VCC4
  16. Lowara NSCE 65-125/92/P25VCC4
  17. Lowara NSCE 65-125/75/P25VCC4
  18. Lowara NSCE 65-125/40/55/P25VCC4

Items 1-18 of 62

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