Teknospeed GTKS10/CEA

The Teknospeed GTKS10/CEA pumps from Lowara are single phase variable speed end suction pumps which provide constant pressure supplied with a pressure transducer, non-return valve, pressure guage and an 8 litre pressure vessel.

The Lowara range of booster sets have been designed and built to the same exacting standards as their pump range, this combination of building both pump and set results in an extremely reliable and cost effective solution to cold water boosting.

CEA Pump Characteristics

  • Close-coupled, threaded centrifugal electric pumps, single impeller (CEA) and twin-impeller type (CA). 
  • Stainless steel pump body, seal housing, impeller and diffuser. 
  • Continuous duty 
  • Enclosed IE2 motor with external ventilation 
  • Finned casing made of aluminium alloy.


  • Water supply to domestic dwelling and office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, factories, and greenhouses.
  • Water supply for agricultural use (irrigation systems).
  • Water supply to systems requiring constant pressure.
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