Spirotech SpiroPress

Spirotech SpiroPress

Spirotech SpiroPress RangeSpiroPress enables automatic pressure monitoring and control and provides degassed makeup water.

Adding a pressurisation solution to our established degassing products makes it possible to provide a total, integrated system care solution. Today’s highly energy-efficient heating and cooling systems offer optimal performance with air-free water. Most issues within HVAC systems are closely related to air being introduced into the system as a result of pressurisation issues. A poor designed, installed or maintained pressurisation system can lead to negative pressures around the circuit. The introduction of oxygen through leaks or by refilling with undegassed, mostly hard water also makes corrosion inhibitors significantly less effective.

  • A correctly designed system
  • Increase System Efficiency
  • Dramatically reduce maintenance costs for Pump Seals, Fouling of Control Valves, Blockages in Heat Exchangers.
  • The ‘Risk’ is taken away from the designer’s and installer’s aspect
  • The manufacturer will stand by each and every design

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