PUK-Autopress 2HC Pressurisation Unit

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  • High pressure unit
  • Twin pump
  • Floor mounted
  • Max fill pressure: 5.5bar
  • Power: 0.37kW motor
  • Overall weight: 46kg

The PUK-Autopress 2HC is a floor mounted, twin pump pressurisation units which has been designed to replace water that has been lost through system leakage and to maintain the system design fill pressure in sealed heating and chilled water systems in accordance with BS7074 parts 1,2 & 3.


Features and Applications 

  • Mains door interlocked disconnect switch. 
  • Auto/Manual/Off selector switch. 
  • Back lit digital display. 
  • Control panel section IP 54. 
  • MCB protected motors. 
  • Simple set point adjustment. 
  • Parameter lock. 
  • Remote inhibit. 
  • Delay start. 
  • Exercise regime. 
  • Break tank low water monitoring. 
  • Transducer controlled. 
  • High/Low pressure contacts for boiler/chiller interlock. 
  • Anti-bounce internal vessel 5lt. 
  • Auto isolating valves on each pump.

Additionally twin pump units have: 

  • Automatic duty pump rotation with omission of tripped or failed pumps. 
  • Duty pump fail with auto change over to stand by pump.

LED indicators for : 

  • Pump run each pump. 
  • Pump trip each pump. 
  • Low pressure. 
  • High pressure. 
  • Duty pump failed. 
  • Excessive run time. 
  • Break tank Low water. 
  • Back lit display provides indication of power on.

Volt free contact for: 

  • Pump run each pump. 
  • Pump trip each pump. 
  • High pressure. 
  • Low pressure. 
  • Excessive run time. 
  • Break tank low level. 
  • Duty pump failed (two pump units).