PUK-EGO SE LS Low Suction Submersible Pump with Adjustable Electrode Switch

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  • SKU Part No: 500SELS
  • Head: Up to 6m (can pump water 6m vertically)
  • Flow Rate: 170 l/m
  • Power: 470W (Approx)
  • Height: 252mm (Approx 410mm inc Hosetail & NRV)
  • Width: 206mm
  • Voltage: 1~ (Single Phase) 230V-240V 50Hz (approx 1.3A)
  • Plug Type: UK Mains Plug (10m Lead)
  • Max Particle Size: 4.5mm
  • Outlet: 1 1/4" Outlet with Adaptor (3/4" Hose, 1" Thread, 1" Hose & 1 1/4" Thread)
  • Control: Adjustable automatic probes, user can set start/stop levels
  • Suction Level: Down to 1mm! (Ultra Low Suction Level)
  • Special Wear Resistant Construction



Includes a Non-Return Valve and Hosetail!

The PUK Ego SE LS is a low suction level submersible water pump that is manufactured with a special wear-resistant coating on the shaft and a special seal-ring for heavy-duty applications.

You can easily set the level that the pump automatically starts from and you can set the stop (cut out) level to start the run-on timer.

The FREE included hosetail has options to use ¾" or 1" hoses and 1" or 1¼" threaded pipes as standard. All these options are on one hosetail, simple chop it off at the option. You can also use commonly found 1¼" hose if you purchase an optional hosetail (0330187) in the dropdown above.

Ultra Low Suction Capability

The most impressive feature of the PUK-EGO is the low suction level capability. Thanks to an innovative pump body and spindle impeller design, it is possible to remove water down to a stunning 1mm water level!

This is the lowest of any pump we sell (or know of) and it allows you to drain water to a level that you can simply bush the remaining water away.

Compact Probe Sensor Design

The PUK-Ego is automatically controlled using sensor probes to measure water depth. This allows you to finely adjust the start/stop points to accurately control the water level. The use of probes helps to keep the EGO very compact with one of the smallest 'footprints' within its class. The motor keeps running for a short after the low point is reached to avoid an accidental 'false trip' if the water has waves.

PUK Ego LS Sensor Settings

Technical Features

  • Single-phase motor 230V/50HZ with incorporated thermal protection with automatic reset
  • Water-cooled motor with top discharge protects the pump from overheating even when partially submerged
  • Liquid temperature in continuous operation service +35°C (Max)
  • Run-on timer: 3 minutes
  • Antioxidant and corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Motor casing and shaft made from stainless steel (AISI 304).
  • Pump casing, pump body and impeller in durable PPS thermoplastic.
  • Triple hydraulic seal on the shaft.
  • Suitable for clear or slightly dirty waters
  • Open impellers for passage of soft solids (up to 4.5mm)
  • 10m power cable with UK plug fitted

Suitable Applications

  • Permanent or portable installations
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Emptying of tanks
  • Drainage of pits
  • Drainage of swimming pools
  • Emptying cellars and taverns
  • Emptying underpasses and tunnels
  • Emptying showers and washing machines rooms