PUK Vari-Twin SM

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In stock Custom Built to Order In-House - 2-3 Weeks
  • 2 x WRAS approved stainless steel pumps
  • Inverter drives
  • Stainless steel manifolds  
  • Single Phase MCB Control box.
  • Pumps with a duty of 2 l/s @ 3.0 Bar Duty/assist
  • Phase: single
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • 0.75kW x2
  • Protection: IP55
  • Current: 2.9A x2
  • Suction/ discharge: 1¼"

Accessory Kit

  • 4 x Anti-vibration mounts
  • 2 x Flexible hoses with M/F BSP connections

The PUK Vari-Twin SM is a variable speed constant pressure booster pump sets that have been designed to suit domestic and commercial systems with hot and cold supply pipes. The unit is ideally suited for systems with un-vented cylinders and high resistance and flow bath room fittings.


The Vari-Twin SM has inverters designed for water boost applications with dry running protection. The unit has 2 x 19lit. WRAS approved pressure vessels which allows for smooth cut in and ramp down of each pump. The pumps are WRAS approved and have stainless pipe manifolds to suit potable water applications. 


The pumps work together via a Bluetooth data connection that allows the pumps to synchronise and alternate duty. The Vari-Twin SM will give over 100 l/m which is required for most commercial un-vented hot water cylinders (duty of 2 l/s @ 3 Bar)


The pump inverter runs the pump at a speed to suit the demand and power required. This increases the energy saving of the system and reduces the running costs against fixed speed units.


The pump should be connected to an adequately sized break tank so that the out let flow rate will not drain the tank when the system is at full flow. To give a 5-minute storage time the minimum size tank for the Vari-twin SM is 600lit. (Suggested Size 680lit).


Technical Data

  • Pump type: Horizontal Multistage
  • Fluid: Water, clean
  • No of pumps/ Reserve: 2/0
  • Liquid temperature: 293K
  • Flow: 2l/s
  • Kin. viscosity: 1mm²/s
  • Head: 30m
  • Vapour pressure: 2.2kPa
  • Static head: 0m
  • PH value: 7
  • Inlet pressure: 10kPa
  • Density: 1000kg/m ³
  • Available system NPSH: 0
  • Solids Weight %: 0
  • Environmental temp.: 290K
  • Altitude 1000m
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IP Rating IP55