Pullen Pumps no longer exist, what are your options?

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Who are Pullen Pumps?

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Before they closed, Pullen pumps were ubiquitous across the UK and have been installed in thousands of buildings. Pullen Pumps served the HVAC industry for decades and when they closed were bought out by Armstrong Fluid Technology. Armstrong now supply parts and replacement pumping equipment.

Pumps UK have had many years of experience selling, repairing and servicing Pullen. We are the only 'Official Elite Aftermarket Partner' for Armstrong across London and the South East. The Pumps UK and Armstrong partnership is the perfect combination of historical Pullen knowledge and modern Armstrong product/technical support to give you the best solution. We can either help you to get your Pullen pump back up and running or find you a suitable replacement for the future.


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Replacement Pumps

If your pump has failed, broken or is 'on its way out' then often the best solution is to find a replacement. This enables ongoing support, servicing and increased reliability.

The first thing we need is your name plate, it carries all the data we need. Many pumps have two plates attached, the pump plate and the motor plate. The one we need is the Pump plate. A clear photo is best but you can also email the details off the plate into sales@pumpsuk.co.uk.

If you are not able to fit the pump yourself then our team at Pumps UK Service (http://www.pumpsukservice.co.uk) might be able to help, we are only a call away on 01322 292415.


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Pullen Pump Seal Kits

If you are servicing a Pullen pump, then we can supply replacement seals for most of not all Pullen models to order. These seal kits are not dried out old stock that have been sitting on the shelf, they are supplied to order and made from highest quality materials.


Examples of Popular Pullen Pumps Products

Pullen Hydropak
Pullen Response
Pullen Herald
Pullen Pullpress
Pullen Pullex
Pullen M Centripul 'A' Range Direct Drive Pumps - A202M
Pullen Pullen TB Centripul 'A' Range Pumps - A201M
Pullen TB Centripul 'A' Range Pumps - A201M
Pullen M Centripul 'B' Range Direct Drive Pumps - B202M
Pullen Pullen M Centripul 'B' Direct Drive Pumps - B202M
Pullen TB Centripul 'B' Range Pumps - B201M
Pullen Pullen TB Centripul 'B' Range Pumps - B201M
Pullen C Range Pumps Direct Drive - C202
Pullen Installation, Maintenance And Spares for Centripul 'C' Pumps - C203
Pullen T & TB Centripul 'C' Range Pumps - C201
Pullen Type CV Vertical Multistage Pumps - CV202
Pullen Duopul Mk II - DP201M
Pullen Type HSC Horizontal Split-Casing Pumps - HSC202
Pullen Type 'J' Inline Belt-Driven Pumps - J201
Pullen Closed Coupled Vertical Split Casing Type K - K201M
Pullen Close-Coupled Pumps Series KC - KC201
Pullen SC/SK Pipeline Pumps - SCK201
Pullen SCR Multi-Speed Canned-Rotor Pumps - SCR201
Pullen SG HWS Secondary Circulating Pumps - SG201
Pullen SG Pipeline Pumps - SG201
Pullen Canned Rotor Pumps Series SGC - SGC201
Pullen Series SK - SK0305
Pullen Series SKG - SKG0306
Pullen In-line Pumps Series VM and VMP - VM201
Pullen Series CP - Twin Belt-drive Centrifugal Pumps