Sulzer XJC 80 ND - Center Line Medium Head Drainage Pump (3~ 400V)

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  • Electric submersible pump: XJC 80
  • Maximum submergence: 20 m
  • Protection class: IP 68
  • Max. temperature of pumped medium at max. power input and continuous duty: 40ºC
  • Max. media density: 1,100 kg/m3
  • pH of the pumped medium: 5-8
  • Strainer hole: 7.5 x 22 mm
  • Max number of starts: 30/hour
  • Motor rating P2: 8.3 kW
  • Speed: 2,920 rpm
  • Power cable: 20 m type H07RN8-F

The slim design of the submersible drainage center-line pump XJC 80 makes it perfect for applications with limited installation space. The pump is ideal for pumping water and dirty water mixed with light abrasives. 50 Hz: head max 76 meters, flow max 52 l/s. 60 Hz: head max 94 meters (308 feet), flow max 37 l/s (587 gpm).

  • Plug- and-pump installation without having to worry about overheating.
  • Reliable, trouble-free operation also at low water levels.
  • Modular design increases serviceability and makes it easy to convert the pump for different hydraulic requirements. Pumps with built-in AquaTronic can be checked without disassembly, using its service software.

Note: This pump excludes discharge connection.