Submersible Water Pumps

Submersible Water Pumps

Example Submersible Water Pump

Pumps UK LTD can source and supply submersible water pumps for any dewatering application from all major manufacturers. Submersible pumps are waterproof and designed to be placed in the water you want to pump away. You can then connect a hose (or permanent pipework) and pump the unwanted water to your desired location. This includes sump, cellar and basement drainage to dirty water and sewage pumps from well-known brands such as Lowara, ABS Sulzer, Jung, Grundfos and KSB Pumps.

Our best sellers cover the most common uses and are:
Lowara Doc 3 - General use sump pump that offers the best value without skimping on quality.
Ebara Best One - General use sump pump that is similar to the model above but has more power for a small price increase.
PUK-Ego - A practical compact 'puddle' pump that drains water down to a low 1mm level!

Submersible Pump Quick Buyers Guide:

1) Would you like the pump to be controlled automatically or would you like to turn it on/off manually?
2) Calculate the approximate "Head" requirement. This is the distance in metres that the water is pumped upwards, then add 1m extra for every 10m of horizontal travel.
3) Choose a power method. 230V from a wall socket, 110V for a construction site or 3~ 400V commercial power?

There are a couple of special needs like if you are pumping sewage/dirty water, need a sewage grinder built-in, need a pressure controlled pump (starts when outlet pressure drops, e.g. connected to a tap, DAB Divertron) or if your water is a high temperature that also needs to be taken into consideration.

For advice, selections or to check availability please Contact Us.

  • 110v Power

  • Low-Level Suction

  • General Use/Sumps

  • Sewage & Wastewater

  • Commercial Dewatering

  • Vortex Submersibles

  • High Temperature

  • Grinder/ Maceration

  • Borehole Pumps

  • Deep Well

  • Salt Water

  • Packaged Flood Kits

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  1. Ebara best one auto
  2. Ebara Best One M - Manual Submersible Pump (1~ 110V)
  3. DAB DTRON 3
    Out of stock
  4. DAB DTRON 2
    Out of stock
  5. Ebara Best One VOX M - Manual Vortex Submersible Pump (1~ 110V)
  6. Ebara Best One MA - Automatic Float Submersible Pump (1~ 110V)
  7. Jung Pumpen FLOODBOX Emergency Flooding Kit (1~ 230V)
  8. Ebara Best 5 - Three Phase
  9. Ebara Best 4 - Three Phase
  10. Ebara Best 3 - Three Phase
  11. Ebara Best 2 - Three Phase
  12. Ebara Best 4 M
  13. Ebara Best 4 MA
  14. Ebara Best 3 M
  15. Ebara Best 3 MA
  16. Ebara Best 2 M
  17. Ebara Best one Vox - Three phase

Items 1-18 of 503

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