Booster Pumps & Sets

Booster Pumps & Sets

Pumps UK LTD offer a range of domestic and commercial water booster pumps, both single and twin sets for existing water pressure systems or new installations.

Our water booster range includes the variable speed booster, single pump PUK Variboost and the PUK Vari-Twin dual pump variable speed booster set. We have also designed the PUK Varigap variable speed booster units that includes a 220lit. break tank with a type AB Air gap. For commercial applications we have the PUK Vari-Com sets that are available in twin and triple pumps.

With planned reductions to mains pressure across the country, rural homes and urban high rise's are facing potential low water pressures. Our Home booster pumps are easy to install methods of quickly giving home systems a water pressure increase. 

All booster pumps will have to be fitted after a break tank so that the water bylaws are upheld. Our units are not designed to pump directly from the mains.

Our sister company Pumps UK Service offer full booster Pump Installation services. Call 01322 292 415 or email

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  1. PUK Variboost 3-60 Booster side
  2. PUK Variboost 3-120 Booster
  3. PUK Varigap 3-120 Water Booster with Break Tank
  4. PUK Vari-Twin SM
  5. PUK Varigap 3-60 Variable Speed Water Booster
  6. PUK Vari-Twin LG
  7. Water Booster Set
  8. PUK Q Switch Quiet Water Booster Pump
  9. PUK Vari-Com 2LG Water Booster
  10. PUK Vari-Com 3SM Water Booster
  11. Cold water booster set
  12. PUK Variboost 3-60+ water booster
  13. PUK Variboost 3-120+ water booster
  14. Lowara SMB10/1HME05S03/M2/UK
  15. Lowara SMB10/1HME08S05/M2/UK
  16. Lowara SMB10/1HME11S07/M2/UK
  17. Lowara SMB10/1HME15S11/M2/UK
  18. Lowara SMB10/1HME17S15/M2/UK

Items 1-18 of 30

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