Glanded Circulator Pumps

Glanded Circulator Pumps

Glanded Circulation pumps are used extensively in the Heating and Air conditioning industry. The design principle has not changed much over the years with the impeller being connected to a shaft which is turned by an electric motor. Between the impeller and the motor is a seal that stops the pumped liquid escaping from the pump casing. This results in the name Galnded pump. The original pumps were fitted with Packed gland material which was like a lubricated string and needed constant maintenance. Now modern pumps are fitted with mechanical seals that need no maintenance, but time needs to be taken to select the correct sealing materials for the application. Modern pumps are designed for maximum efficiency and fitted with frequency inverters so that the pump can modulate its flow to the systems requirements.

Pumps UK Ltd are experts in the selection of circulation pumps and can size pumps for most heating and chilled water applications.

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