Glanded HWS Circulator Pumps

HWS or Hot Water Secondary Return pumps are used to circulate hot water around the pipework of a hot water system. On large installations with long pipe runs and multi outlets it is necessary to circulate the hot water so that the hot water at the taps becomes hot soon after the tap is opened.

Hot Water Secondary pumps are normally fitted in a loop circuit from the hot water cylinder. Normally on the return as they are not designed or installed to increase the pressure in the loop, only to circulate the hot water and keep the outlet at a constant temperature. This helping to reduce the risk of Legionella.

Because the water in the hot water system is from the mains and will contain mineral deposits the pumps have to made from a non-corrosive material like bronze or Stainless Steel.

Pumps UK Ltd offer a full range of HWS Hot Water Secondary Return pumps for most Hot water circulation applications.

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